Custom Printed Boxes

Convivial —the joining of people to eat, drink and to be joyful together.

Wheel thrown pottery dates back thousands of years but for Chentell Shannon and her crew, it’s the wave of the future. Starting from her garage in 2014, Chentell began her vision of handmade wares that inspire a friendly, lively and jovial atmosphere. Now in an 8,000 square foot studio in the heart of Kansas City Missouri, she and 9 employees create wares for people to set scenes for convivial gatherings.

At the Convivial website, you can shop for beautiful handmade wares for the home, table or garden. Each piece by Convivial is handcrafted in the traditional ceramic process. Their motto, “We create the wares, you set the scene.

Custom Printed Candle Boxes

In the fall of 2018 Chentell expanded the product line with candles housed in handcrafted vessels. Designed as a planter after full use of the candle she needed each vessel to be packed in a Convivial branded box. Finding a professional, affordable, packaged candle option was stressful Chentell stated. Sizing and cost were the two problems! She continued. Everything was too expensive, and it was difficult to find the right size. She found Zoxxbox where the pricing was clear and competitive and found the exact size she needed.

I sense that ZoxxBox understands how important customer service is and they work hard to maintain this aspect of their company. -Chentell Shannon

Ordering direct from the ZoxxBox site without going through the quoting process was another reason Chentell partnered with us. Other deciding factors were top notch customer service and our simple ordering process.

We would like to thank Chentell for sharing how ZoxxBox helped with part of her vision for Convivial. Shop for these candles and other inspiring handmade ceramic wares at Convivial's website and create your own convivial atmosphere.

Convivial Productions