Custom Printed Boxes

Kabocha —A True Superfood!

Have you ever heard of a kabocha? It is a type of winter squash known as a Japanese pumpkin. These exceptionally sweet 2-3 pound pumpkins are grown several places around the world and are considered a superfood by many. BochaSweet produces a healthy alternative to sugar and sugar substitutes with kabocha extract that is 100% derived from kabocha —perfect for the Keto Diet!

At the BochaSweet website, you can purchase all of their products individually, in a package or even wholesale. BochaSweet™ is a zero-calorie, zero glycemic sweetener that tastes identical to cane sugar.

Custom Printed Boxes

In the Spring of 2018 and on a mission to deliver a more energy-packed protein bar, manager Denise Lynn and her team developed the BochaBar, a protein pack energy bar made with BochaSweet™. That’s when they found ZoxxBox. Denise needed a branded box to package the sweet-tasting bars. Using our largest fold-up box BochaSweet designed a sweet looking box to fill their need. Everything has been great with Zoxxbox Denise stated.

The boxes are high quality, pricing is reasonable and ZoxxBox will serve your needs well. -Denise Lynn, Manager

Denise went on to say that besides great customer service, ZoxxBox allowed them flexibility in design which helps them cut costs while truly representing their brand.

We would like to thank Denise and her team for sharing how ZoxxBox helped with part of her vision for BochaSweet. Visit the BochaSweet website to order BochaSweet™, BochaBars, and other great tasting healthy foods.

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